Happy Thanksgiving (and some Ruffled Feather Avoidance Tips)

Wishing you a very
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Ruffled Feathers Avoidance Tips (Because, Holidays…)

  • When you feel the temperature rise, wait a beat or two and take a breath with each.  Ask yourself whether a response is going to improve the circumstances, or if it can wait.  “This, too, shall pass” gets help from letting time do its part.  
  • When someone raises a prickly issue, memory or unsettled matter, have a few subject-changing topics to ask about, or kid-friendly jokes at the ready to redirect the conversation. 
    • Ask about vacation plans or recent trips.
    • Ask whether there are pictures to share of new family members (weddings, children, grandchildren, pets…).
    • Tell a “Why did the turkey cross the road” joke.  (To prove it wasn’t chicken; Because it was free-range…)
    • Start asking for a “gratitude” from each of the people you’re with;  include a talking (“bread”) stick that’s passed to each person whose turn it is to answer. 
    • Compliment a dish or effort someone made, and ask them about it.  
  • Suggest a toast to making the day a “white flag day” if something starts to escalate. Let people know you hear them, even if you disagree, but offer the truce of agreeing to disagree and keep things festive for the day.  


About Maria Hanna Joseph

Maria Hanna Joseph, principal of Joseph Mediation, is an Attorney-Mediator who is highly regarded for her experience and ability to resolve employment, workplace and organizational disputes. She has served more than 2,000 matters over her 20 years as a mediator and her 29 year employment law career. With care, expedience and economy, Maria helps attorneys and parties achieve settlement in nearly every mediation. Moreover, her pragmatism and perseverance bring about purposeful settlements; products of Maria's insight and creativity, gained by her depth of experience and training. These qualities, along with her demeanor and the trust she engenders, have earned Maria a reputation for being able to manage extremely challenging circumstances and settle a wide variety of cases. Maria is available to provide services in-person or virtually (utilizing teleconference and desk-top videoconference resources) throughout Massachusetts, New England and the U.S.
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