Coronavirus Coping: Embrace Technology and Put Familiarity To Use

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The interruption of work and incomes for practitioners and clients alike is a great concern due to the ramifications of stemming the spread of the coronavirus. Personal health and safety are the unrivaled priorities, but work reduction and economic instability can quickly undermine the systems and services that provide for them. We’re fortunate to have technologies with great virtual versatility, as well as second-nature familiarity with them, all of which can be used to cope and lessen impact. Now is the time to begin fully embracing and applying these resources.

I, for one, continue to manage in-person mediations with spacial and sanitary measures, but am also effectively helping parties settle with the use of teleconferencing and email. Easy-to-install programs make videoconferencing an enhancement, also.

Cases are settling, costs are minimized, & parties are moving on.

Yes, mediation by telecommunication is different, but it may surprise you to realize how quickly participants acclimate. A well-versed mediator can comfortably engage parties and constructively move them through negotiations this way.

I encourage you to use these resources and keep the many benefits of mediation and settlement undisturbed for yourself and those you serve.

I’d be glad to help, please be in touch.

About Maria Hanna Joseph

Maria Hanna Joseph, principal of Joseph Mediation, is an Attorney-Mediator who is highly regarded for her experience and ability to resolve employment, workplace and organizational disputes. She has served more than 2,000 matters over her 20 years as a mediator and her 29 year employment law career. With care, expedience and economy, Maria helps attorneys and parties achieve settlement in nearly every mediation. Moreover, her pragmatism and perseverance bring about purposeful settlements; products of Maria's insight and creativity, gained by her depth of experience and training. These qualities, along with her demeanor and the trust she engenders, have earned Maria a reputation for being able to manage extremely challenging circumstances and settle a wide variety of cases. Maria is available to provide services in-person or virtually (utilizing teleconference and desk-top videoconference resources) throughout Massachusetts, New England and the U.S.
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