Keep Matters Moving: Video-Mediate With a Proficient, Mediator-Host

It’s increasingly important to find ways to keep cases moving and conserve or access resources to minimize backlogs, be able to accept new matters, and more.  Tell clients, opposing counsel and colleagues:

Video-conferenced (Zoom) Mediating Is
Effective, Resourceful, & a Smart Thing To Do

Cases Progress, Costs Are Minimized, & Parties Move On

Proficiency of the mediator-host factors into success, however. Study and experiential understanding is necessary to acquire this competence and ensure that use of the technology is a convenience, not a distraction. These measures also help the mediator to anticipate the needs of a productive video-conferenced mediation and, thus, help effectively prepare the participants. I have come to realize, for example, the significance of:

  • Conducting a pre-session Zoom conference with each attorney to
    • prepare substantively,
    • acclimate them to the platform,
    • point out a number of essential privacy and safety features I have knowingly enabled, and
    • provide useful tips to make the most of the medium 
  • Providing detailed preparatory information and instructions, and
  • Outlining session parameters about what participants can expect, such as:
    • Individual private (breakout) rooms for each party, and other congregations,
    • Ability to view/hear/chat privately with one or more participants within a breakout room, and
    • Ability to share, annotate and commonly view documents.

The result should be a flow of focused interaction between the mediator and parties, movement with ease between and among them, and an absence of concern for the construct. A mediator who is well versed in the format is the one who can maximize attention on the work at hand, and minimize what may take away from it.

I can personally attest to the advantage of being fluent in Zoom. As a result of my facility with it, I am fluidly conducting Zoom meetings and mediations and settling cases. I have found that my proficiency instills confidence in parties’ use and reliance. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a desktop computer, tablet or phone with a camera and mic. These components are built into most devices. An inexpensive clip-on camera that is plug-and-go ready is usually the most someone may need to add.

There’s no need to put matters off. Please contact me to discuss or schedule. I’d be more than happy to walk you through. 

About Maria Hanna Joseph

Maria Hanna Joseph, principal of Joseph Mediation, is an Attorney-Mediator who is highly regarded for her experience and ability to resolve employment, workplace and organizational disputes. She has served more than 2,000 matters over her 20 years as a mediator and her 29 year employment law career. With care, expedience and economy, Maria helps attorneys and parties achieve settlement in nearly every mediation. Moreover, her pragmatism and perseverance bring about purposeful settlements; products of Maria's insight and creativity, gained by her depth of experience and training. These qualities, along with her demeanor and the trust she engenders, have earned Maria a reputation for being able to manage extremely challenging circumstances and settle a wide variety of cases. Maria is available to provide services in-person or virtually (utilizing teleconference and desk-top videoconference resources) throughout Massachusetts, New England and the U.S.
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